Monday, 16 May 2016

I Didn't Know

Well it has been a super busy crazy week! I had no idea that this is how it is! haha but on the good side my companion is great! He is really hardworking and he should be because he is going home in about a month!

We had a lot of miracles this week! We were finding a ton of people and had some good success with making good relationships with the members in the Branch which was actually pretty easy because they didn't seem to like the past missionaries and so I think they are happy and surprised that we actually want to work and do something with the area.

So we don't have a car. we don't have to be in the office we just get to be up on the mountain and work! It so much better than anything else! Unless President calls us down for a meeting or we have training but that usually isn't that often. We did have to train the new missionaries this week and their trainers! I trained on the importance of companionship. It was fun and scary but the best part was being able to see the new missionaries. It's so different!

The area is doing good though it is such an amazing area! The members are awesome. We are on the top of the mountain right by a super beautiful resort (that i can't go to) haha and there is just so much potential we just need to keep finding!

Sorry I am sure my emails have been getting worse and worse but I just really don't know what to write anymore and I just feel so busy! I'll do it right next week.

Take care!
Elder Warnick

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