Monday, 23 May 2016


We had a good week this week and we were able to work a lot in our area. And we had a lot of members work with us so we are getting to know the area pretty well. I am not actually sure why they worked with us haha because they are pretty lazy young adults and it was either super hot or rainy but they still wanted to come we actually had one of their friends work with us and she wasn't even a member but she helped us find.

We were supposed to have a baptism this week but it didn't happen which was basically our fault. It was going to be a 9 year old who lives right next to the church his name is kyle and he has been going to church for a long time but he hasn't been baptized yet. We have been teaching his family as well and last week his dad told us that it would be okay if he got baptized so we were just preparing everything for Saturday and then about Wednesday kyle's dad told us he didn't want him to be baptized so yeah.. we couldn't really do too much so we just told them we would keep visiting.

But we did a ton of finding this week! We were so lucky we found a new family almost everyday! And now that we have been building the relationships with the members they are starting to give us referrals!! And the referrals that we contacted this week are literally right by the church! Which makes it so much easier! BLESSINGS!

I guess I should just say now that I am super sorry about my emails! They aren't going to be super exciting because it is so hard to write about the week! So I will just keep trying to email about all the good stuff that has happened.

I'm super tired but I still feel great about all of this work! 

-Elder Warnick


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