Monday, 13 June 2016

Dasig lang ha

Well I don't feel like I will have a lot to write but I AM able to send some pictures this week so that's good.

It was a fast week because we were doing so many different things we had MLC on Tuesday which took a lot of time out of the week but it was another good set of trainings. We worked in our area on Wednesday and we were still getting hit by the rain like crazy, that sadly was one of the only days this week that we were able to work. Thursday we attended the Zone Training in Sipalay which is the bottom of the island and I had never been there before! It's known for its white beaches and known for being super super far away. We woke up at 2 am and left Bacolod at 4 and ended up getting to Sipalay at 9... It was so long but I was able to see the whole Island and it was so awesome! Tiring but it was great! 

Elder Welton is going home this week and my new companion is Elder Tacuban he is actually from my batch so this will be the first time that I am with someone from my batch! It's going to be a lot of fun and I am really anticipating the success we will have because he is going to do such a good job!

That's probably it for now. This is probably the worst email I have sent but we need to get back to our area and we have just been stuck in meetings/running errands all day so we need to get back! 

-Elder Warnick
Chillin at the Mission Office late at night

Apple's baptism

Sipalay white sand beaches

Top of our area

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