Monday, 27 June 2016

Miracles of Minoyan

This week was great! It was definitely nothing that I have experienced before!

So on Monday me and Elder Clarke were companions for 3 days. We are in the same district and  we are both training so while we waited for our trainees to arrive we worked in both our areas. With training President wants the new trainees to have a baptism on their first weekend so we had to finalize some stuff and get interviews done for baptismal candidates. Mine was really last minute which was terrible planning on my part but the original candidate for us wasn't allowed to be baptized because her parents don't want her to.. So we tried our luck with another family the Hagupar family and two of their kids Marits and SunnyBoy were ready to be baptized we just needed to see if they could pass the interview and they did! We ended up interviewing two more of the Hagupar kids-two teenagers and they will be baptized next week!

It's actually working out nicely! I would have preferred to baptize the whole family at once which would have been about 8 but they all are progressing at different rates so still have problems with coffee and some need to go to church more so the way it works out is probably going to be every week about 2 of them will be baptized! I am just hoping we can help our other candidates to get baptized as well. And I need to make sure that they area is all good still when I go home.

Ay! So my trainee's name is Elder Liad (lee add) He is from Quezon City, Manila and he's awesome! It's been so weird being on the other side of things and I have never been with a filipino who didn't know how to speak illango so it has been different teaching someone and last time when I was follow up training Elder Baldwin I didn't know as much as I know now so it's been a lot better the second time around.

It's been non-stop raining! I gave my umbrella away to a member because yeah.. just getting home when I picked up Elder Liad was so crazy! We had to take a bus for about an hour to get to our area and then we had to hop on motorcycles (carrying his luggage) and speed up a hill while pouring rain. The first thing Elder Liad told me when we got to the house was "I am never going to forget this day" haha he has been good! He's trying really hard to learn the language and I think this week I am going to push him a little more to teach more. It will be good!

I just want to testify of miracles! And I think there are miracles when you are working with a new missionary! They don't know as much and so the spirit helps out a little more than usual! He's blessed as well to be in such a great first area! And the members are helping out a ton I think they think of him as their little baby, even though he is taller than most Filipinos. haha

Well this week was great and I am expecting this next week to be great as well!  Even better! We are going to do some finding, work out marriage papers, find out if one of our investigators who killed people can be baptized and try and stay dry haha who am I kidding you'll always be wet in the Philippines.

Palangga ko kamo!
-Elder Warnick


-First Baptism for Elder Liad- Marites and SunnyBoy Hagupar

-The boys (some of the batch going home, Elder Paskett, Clarke, McCracken, me and Ehninger)

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