Monday, 11 July 2016


This week was great. It was a struggle but the blessings were awesome.

So for most of this week we haven't had Electricity and it's been an ongoing battle with the owner of our house for him to fix our wiring and fuse but he still hasn't done anything about it so for now we have power but you never know when it's going to go out again.

We were working hard this week to try and get Sis Hagupar to commit for baptism. We have been planning to get another one of the sisters in that family married and then we will have her baptism but they wanted to have their baptism on the same day, but we felt she was ready for this weekend and the marriage isn't 100 % certain so it would have been better to just do her's now and do the other one later when it is 100% ready to go. We got her interviewed and explained how we shouldn't procrastinate the day of our repentance but do all we can now to prepare to return to god and she agreed to be baptized! She asked me to baptize her and we had the baptism close to their house at a waterfall! It was a really nice baptism and on sunday after church we went back to them and the two grandparents accepted to be baptized this week! Bro. Hagupar used to be a leader for the catholic church and he even reenacted the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and he was acting as one of the Thieves that is crucified with Jesus. Honestly all our progressing investigators right now used to have a big part in the catholic church! So it's cool to see that they are seeing the truth!

We had our Zone Training this week and it was my last zone training.. It was weird but in all honesty I didn't feel it. I still don't feel like I am going home and they had the departing missionaries give their testimonies it was weird, I kind of just felt like I was ending a Zone Training but I guess the work goes on.

So I have a weird story from this week and MOM don't freak out because it's not as scary as it is going to sound and I am 100% okay! haha Worried? Well here it goes: So we were coming home from work and I knew we didn't have any gas at the house for our stove and that we didn't have any electricity either so I bought some rice and some canned tuna haha wow this sounds worse than it really is anyway and we were at the little store trying to buy the food and this drunk guy who is already pretty crazy when he's not drunk yelled at us "diin ta magkatdo? sa langit o impeirno?" Which is "Where are we going? Heaven or Hell?" and he was pointing a machete at us. I just ignored him and tried to buy my tuna but he came up to us and started asking a bunch of questions and the owner of the store started getting mad and he was yelling at her too and he put his arm on the counter and what's on his arm? A bat. He just had a bat clinging for dear life on his arm and then he followed us until we lost him on the way to our Branch Presidents house. So don't worry we are okay it was just so weird like honestly it was a lot weirder than scary.

That's about it for this week! We have been having so many miracles with our investigators and this area! Whoever is replacing me when I go home is going to be set up! haha

Thanks for everything! Hope you all have an amazing week!
-Elder Warnick

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