Monday, 4 July 2016

It's a zoo

This week was good. I wanted to work really hard but everything just felt like it was in slow motion.. I'm not sure why but we didn't do as good as we could have.

So we had our follow-up training this week for Elder Liad's batch. I don't know why it was a week after he got in the mission but I guess that was what president wanted. It was good though, I had heard most of the trainings before haha but it's okay.

Sadly a lot of our baptisms that we had planned for this July 30 aren't going to happen because we just found out that their parents are okay with us teaching them but they don't want them to change religions. It's okay though, and I realized that I have never baptized a kid unless that family also ended up getting baptized or was already baptized. I think that is just how it has worked out for me.

ANYWAY the baptism this week was awesome! We had 2 again and it was two of the older sisters from the Hagupar family! And we are trying to get their mom to commit for this weekend! We had a family home evening at their house yesterday to try and get them more comfortable with us and the members! I think it was good, everyone was laughing-I ended up having to sing in front of all of them.. so yeah 

It's still raining almost everyday! And I gotta hand it to Elder Liad. He doesn't come from the Bukid he comes from the City and our house is really run down, it's clean but you only clean so much when the house is just nasty to begin with. This week our house was a zoo! We woke up and there was a snake on our counter, once we finally got it out of the house we saw a huge frog.. like HUGE and i kicked it haha (literally) out of the house. On top of all the animals we have had problems with electricity and water.. haha I feel bad for him but he's doing good and it will make him tougher.

SO MANY BLESSINGS! July is going to be such a great month! I mean it already is! We have had baptisms the last two weeks and if everything works out we should have baptisms every week until I go home and hopefully it will keep going once I leave. 

The area is doing great. Honestly the Branch doesn't really know what they are dong but they help out where they can and they do what they are told ;) haha 

I'm excited to make this month the best month of my mission!

-Elder Warnick
Soup #5 - I will tell you about it when I get home

Snake on the counter

Baptisms for the older sisters in the Hagupar family

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