Monday, 25 July 2016

Here comes the bride.....s..

This week was a miracle.

We didn't really get to work in our area, we were in Bacolod a couple of days this week finalizing everything for the marriages. We were lucky to be able to collect their information needed to process their paperwork and I was surprised when another couple in the family gave us their paperwork because we were only planning on the one but they also qualified for the free marriage so we had 2. We went to Bacolod and did a bunch of different things and there are still more things we need to do but we finished it! This is the first and last time I will ever help with a marriage here in my mission!

The Kasal (marriage) was awesome. It was all free because the church has so many hook ups here that a lot of bishops and stake presidents just happen to be lawyers and stuff and can help sign things and process the paper work. We had a bishop from a nearby ward come and he did the wedding, he was great, super funny and efficient! haha we had the baptism right after the wedding and they both asked me to baptize them so it was great!

We also were blessed this week because I thought we might not have a baptism my last week. And that has been my goal since I started to at least have a baptism on my last Saturday. But we might end up having 2. One of them told us yesterday that she wants to be baptized and she has been going to church she just needs to get the okay from her husband. The other one is the owner of the church. She sold the house to the church that we use for church and she is a super awesome lady but has never really listened to the missionaries or gone to church but she came to church! We have been able to share to her recently and she just needs to commit!

Sadly our investigator Nita won't be being baptized soon, she is the one who was involved in the NPA and has been involved with murder. She is one of the strongest investigators I have ever had but I got the word that she needs to keep going to church and it will be a while until she gets the OK from the first presidency. I'm sad about that but I am excited for the day she will be baptized.

Well I think I will send a small email next week and that will be it! I
-Elder Warnick

Sorry my card really gave up the ghost.. it's completely dead so I don't think I will get to send any more pictures home.

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