Friday, 5 September 2014

Duha mas mga Semana (Two more weeks)

Well it seems as if everything is starting to wind down. But the pace is definitely starting to pick up!
This week was filled with tons of learning experiences and other stuff too! 
Monday my district got the chance to host the senior couple missionaries and it was really fun and they are just super awesome! 
Tuesday we got to do some more service and we just have to best service project! We get to stack the Creamery Ice Cream in the freezers along with all the other food that we eat here at the MTC and let me tell you that it is A LOT of food! We had a amazing devotional that night by Don R. Clarke he talked about convert retention!
On Wednesday we got to host the new missionaries again! It's a lot of fun and I knew that my good buddy Elder Jake Craig was coming in so I was looking for him all afternoon! And when I saw a white van pull up and Jake come out I ran over and started to host him! I was excited and so was he I had the same experience happen to me when I came in to the MTC so my goal was to be able to do it for someone else!
Thursdays are probably the most boring days in the MTC because it's just so normal of a day! But after a full day of studying and language and such we got the chance to go to the TRC computer lab and teach someone over skype. Definitely a new experience and extremely difficult to communicate besides the fact that we were speaking Ilanggo!
And that brings us to today which was filled with a awesome temple session and laundry (YAY) *fist pumps* 
Oh! I also forgot to mention that two of the districts that were on my floor and in my branch left this week so now we are officially the old guys! We got 34 new missionaries and they are all speaking Cebuano! (It's pretty close to Ilanggo but small differences)
As of sunday I will be the Senior companion haha for only two weeks though because of our tripanionship we each got to be senior companion for 2 weeks.
Overall things are great and I'm getting used to mission life as best as I can! There are definitely hard time but the simple things always make everything so much better!
But man do I miss listening to music! ;)
Elder Warnick

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