Sunday, 28 September 2014


Well I'm here! And I have no idea what I am doing! It's amazing how throughout my mission when I thought something was hard or I didn't like what situation I was in that things managed to get harder! BUT I have a sure testimony that "THERE IS LITTLE GROWTH IN A COMFORT ZONE AND LITTLE COMFORT IN A GROWTH ZONE" You could say that I am completely out of my comfort zone right now! So I'm expecting a lot of growth!
I got assigned to the HINIGARAN 2nd ward which is in the BINALBAGAN zone we have 10 zones in our mission and Pres. Lopez told us that we are the top baptizing mission in the WORLD! THE WORLD that is so freaking crazy! Each companionship is expected to baptize each week and it's definitely true I was only here for 3 days and my companion and I had 2 baptisms which meant I got to baptize one of them! 3 days in!!! So that was a new experience for me and it was amazing!
It's really hard to understand everyone but everyone says after a while it clicks so I'm patiently waiting for that to happen! Also through prayer it helps a lot! 
My companion is Elder Martin he is a native and he is really good with the language so he helps me a lot! We have a big house just to ourselves but apparently next transfer we are getting two missionaries in with us and I'm extremely excited for that! 
It's been weird that my whole district got split up and is all over the mission now, because I realized that the MTC never really was too hard because they had kind of become my family and it was nice to be around them! So being thrown into the field without them has been a challenge but I'm slowly getting used to it! 
I hope I didn't complain too much in this email! It just is difficult and will take some time to get used to! But all is well!
Thanks for the support!
-Elder Warnick

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