Sunday, 2 November 2014

What am I doing?

"What am I doing!?" One of the questions me and my district from the MTC would ask ourselves all the time and I am slowly realizing that I am inviting others to come unto christ! It always amazes me that a lot of times I am telling people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and that it is the first time they have ever heard of it!
So our Baptism fell through again... Princess hasn't came to church the last 2 weeks so it is really hard we have to keep pushing her date back..
So halloween here? Yeah they don't celebrate it but on November 1st they celebrate ALL SAINTS DAY and everyone goes to the cemetery to mourn over their lost loved ones and all the missionaries go there to teach them the plan of salvation! :D haha and these like 12 your old kids came up to me and said HEY JOE (that's what everyone calls americans) and I was like "SINO SI JOE" (Who is Joe?) and one of them was like IKAW! (you!) and I just gave him a look like he was stupid and didn't know what he was talking about. I thought I showed them up but as we left they all started yelling HEY JOE HEY FREAK YOU JOE! (they didn't say freak... if you get the idea..) and they were flipping me off! So yeah the maturity level of preteens is about the same wherever you go in the world! (sorry for the "profanity") BUT we found a really cool family who was willing to listen to our message and we left them a pamphlet! Hopefully they will contact us soon!
SO much rain this week! Like I am soaked all the time and you just have to let it happen because there really isn't anything else you can do umbrellas don't do anything!
This week Tuesday we had exchanges so I was with Elder Archuleta (Yes David is his cousin) it was weird to be with a white guy but luckily Elder Archuleta is really good with the language so our lessons were actually really good! We were in his area so he took me to the beach! His area is right next to it! It was sweet!
Yesterday we did MEMBER exchanges haha I've been all around! I was with a RM from our ward and it was weird to lead the area but I surprised myself with how much I knew! and we taught a lot of lessons!
SO transfers came this week too and the two elders that were going to be moving in with us both got transferred! So we will be getting two NEW elders! 
We got to the computer shop early today because we have Follow up training in Bacolod tomorrow! I'm so excited to be able to see all the elders from my MTC district! And this morning ELDER MCCRACKIN from my MTC district they stopped by on their way to Bacolod they are one of the only missionaries in the mission who have a car because their area is so BIG! But when I saw him it was like seeing family! 
This week was such a crazy week like some of the most crazy things happened with our investigators! Can't really explain some of them and but we have a lot of investigators so this month we should be shooting for 2-3 baptisms! 
A Sister in our ward (Sister Lisa) invites us over every sunday for sunday dinner so that is always nice and yesterday I had the pork blood stuff.. :/ haha it was "interesting"
BUT I made it one transfer in the field so I guess I CAN do this whole mission thing! ;) I've been studying humility and patience this week and have been doing my best to apply them! It is really hard and yesterday was one of the most meaningful fasts in my life! 
Sorry I am not really good about writing all my experiences down.. I'm not too good at this mass email thing! But thanks again for all the support I can feel it and the strength from your prayers!
Take care!
-Elder Warnick

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