Sunday, 16 November 2014

100 Days

So I made it to 100 days on my mission this last friday! Sometimes I don't know how I did it! But every day I continue to do it!
This week was pretty eventful and there were a lot of learning experiences! On Wednesday we went to Bacolod again! (THAT MEANS MCDONALDS!) We had our Mission Tour on Thursday and President Lopez specifically wanted all missionaries to be happy, awake, and alert so we went down the day before so that we wouldn't be tired from the drive! 
Elder Ardern from the area seventy and his wife spoke to us. Usually for mission tour (which is only once a year) the whole mission meets up in Bacolod and receives training from Elder Ardern but I guess this year they decided to split it up so half the zones went on thursday and the other half went on friday! 
He talked about soooooo much! A lot of helpful things about how to teach and convert retention! It was really good and I am definitely going to be trying my best to apply what he taught!
On Saturday we had the Hinigaran Ward 1 Elders move in to our house which was definitely a lot of work they lived on the other side of Hinigaran and the dividing line between their area and ours is basically down our street. One of the senior couples helped move all the desks, beds, and appliances into our house SO MUCH WORK!
And now I am the only white guy in the whole house talk about difficult! They are all basically fluent in Hiligaynon so I'm lost 98% of the time! 
It seems like we are having the worst luck with our baptism candidates... The one sister who I was going to baptize about a month ago has stopped coming to church and we had another baptism for saturday with a sister who has been progressing really well BUT her dad died right before her baptism.. so she wants to wait two weeks until the funeral and all that stuff has been taken care of.
Sunday was a pretty interesting day as well. Me and Elder Martin were teaching after church like normal and basically we had an argument after one of our lessons and you could immediately feel the spirit leave and we ended up not even teaching the rest of the day... 
PATIENCE! That is what I have learned from my companions so far! Patience and Diligence because even among disobedience and laziness..etc.. I have found that it is important to have personal commitments and to just be patient! 
OH and an AMAZING talk that has helped me so much on my mission so far is by ENZIO F. BUSCHE titled "Unleashing the Dormant Spirit" If you don't read anything else from that talk at least read the last page and a half or so he gives amazing advice on how we can free ourselves from hate, anger or just things that aren't in our favor! 
President Lopez texted us last night telling us to call him when we got home. We didn't know what it was going to be about but when Elder Martin called him he asked about our area and members and such and didn't say anything else. Elder Martin thinks he is being transferred and Elders Vinoya and Pineda (the hinigaran 1 elders) think that Me and Martin are getting transferred. Whatever happens I'm praying will be the best decision! 
*Alma chapter 26* - (YES THE WHOLE CHAPTER!) Knowing what to expect here on the mission! Has helped me time and time again!
*3 Nephi 5: 13* - I had never realized the meaning of this verse! It just hit me this week though!
*D&C 128* - You just gotta read it! 
Also something Elder Ardern said stuck with me "FEAST UPON THE WORDS OF CHRIST, BUT GO SLOW ENOUGH TO DIGEST" 
Boom! That's some good advice right there!
~I ate squid for our sunday dinner at one of the members houses (it really wasn't that bad even though I could see all the tentacles)
~Of course lots of rice, all day everyday. Except I refuse to eat it for breakfast!
~I had Eel too it wasn't too bad but SO MANY BONES!
~We also ate this vegetable called okra I think you can get it in the states. It basically just tastes like Asparagus.  
That's all for me this week.
Thanks again for all the support!
-Elder Warnick

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