Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bago Gid (NEW)

Everything seems new this week and we had some big changes!
So last week we got a call from President Lopez and my companion got transferred he is going to be a Zone Leader in the farthest zone south! 7 hours from Bacolod! BUT what this means for me was a new companion of course ELDER BRAGAS he was my former Zone Leader so now he is follow up training me! He is even shorter than Elder Martin haha so I just tower over him! But he is like 28 or 29 I think he is really old! Because Elder Martin got transferred the area fell into my hands and I had to lead the area this whole week and it was so hard! BUT I was surprised with how much I knew! By leading I think I learned more and gained some more confidence. 
I found a book at the apartment entitled "Missionary Articles" which was full of really good missionary talks. There was a quote from Boyd K. Packer that really helped me this week: "You have a normal pattern of changing your emotions. If you are not feeling happy all of the time, there may be a tendency to wonder what is wrong. Why do you not wonder what is right.? Maybe there is a lesson coming through." 
READ THAT. OKAY NOW READ IT AGAIN. I think it is so applicable to just life in general and I have had a big problem with just trying to be happy and this quote helped me to realize that sometimes it is okay not to be happy but to realize what is going on in my life and to simply "count my blessings"
Elder Bragas took me OYMing (Offer your message) Or "street contacting" this week which is so scary and hard but it really helps a lot! 
Me and Elder Christensen, he was my MTC companion and we are in the same district here in Hinigaran went on exchanges this week! The first day we worked in my area and it wasn't too bad but it definitely is hard to teach lessons when both you and your companion are only 3 months in! And the next day we went to Elder Christensen's area! He basically lives in a hut in the forest! It is crazy but we did a lot of teaching and walking EVEN GAVE A BLESSING and we definitely stood out! Two white guys!
When I got back to my area the next day me and Elder Bragas went to our progressing area and taught a family that we have really been pushing for baptism! I think I had the best lesson I have ever had on my mission so far! The three sisters were really emotional because they said they know it is true but they are just having a hard time deciding on baptism! I guess it is just hard to change directions in your life and I can understand that! We want them to be baptized on Christmas day! A "WHITE CHRISTMAS" we have 5 for that day so we are pretty excited!
Sorry I think I just went on and on in this email but it was a pretty packed week! Things are going well though! And the language is getting better I am able to understand most people now and carry on in small conversation! ASTIG! (SICK, cool, awesom...)
Today I spent all morning cleaning the apartment! I got some bleach and went crazy in the bathroom haha (no help from the housemates, filipinos are kind of lazy) BUT the bathroom seems just like home now! Okay not really but I did as good as I could!
Alright so that's all from Elder W.
Elder Warnick
P.S. I had my fist mango the other day! 2 months in the field and I just barely ate a mango what the heck? BUT it was so delicious

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