Sunday, 9 November 2014

3 Months

Crazy fast week this week! Also I hit my 3 month mark this week! It's way crazy how fast time goes by! I don't really know where to begin with this whole week?
We had follow up training in Bacolod on Monday so everyone from my transfer went to the Bacolod and we received training from the AP's and President Lopez it was awesome because a couple days prior to going to that training I had been studying humility and diligence and that is what the AP's gave us training on! It's kind of cool how stuff like that works out!
When we were in Bacolod we got to have our P-day there! And we went to the mall! There was so many missionaries! It was weird coming from Hinigaran and not usually seeing missionaries except for at District meetings and Zone trainings and just sitting down in a restaurant I probably saw 20+ companionships walk by! My companion loves basketball so he needed to buy some new basketball shoes. While we were at the mall he was looking for some and I was just standing there. 2 experiences followed:
1. A guy just walked up to me and he kind of looked angry.. I was a little nervous but then he asked me what are I was serving in! HE WAS A MEMBER! Amazingly enough I understood what he said and we had a pretty decent conversation for about 5-10 minutes while my comp was trying on shoes! It didn't hit me until afterwards that I had just had a full conversation in Hiligaynon! 
2. There was 6 of us missionaries at the shoe area of the mall and there was these ladies who were just staring at me while I was talking to that guy. An Elder was by those ladies and he was motioning for me to come over but I just shook my head. Later he came up to me and said "Those girls said that if you were assigned here in Bacolod they would all be baptized!" hahah I laughed so hard after that! Filipinos love white people!
The rest of the week consisted of a lot of lessons and just from that language experience in the mall I thought I was doing better but from the lessons I felt like I had taken 10 steps back... That's the frustration of learning a new language BUT I am pressing on! 
Something that has been on my mind this week has been families and also temples so it's perfect because those two topics go hand and hand! 
First off I miss both of those things deeply! Ever since going through the temple I had an even greater love for the house of The Lord and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to attend the temple multiple times before my mission and while I was at the MTC and even when I was in Manila! I just want to encourage everyone to go as much as they can! At least every week! Make it a habit!
And family! We attended a funeral this week and it made me think a lot about families because they were the "happiest-sad" people I had ever seen! You could tell they were sad  because they had lost a member of their family but they all knew they would be able to see him again! I really took advantage of my relationship with my family before my mission and FAMILY IS SO IMPORTANT! At the end of the day when you take away all the worldly possessions all you have left is your family! So take the time this week to tell your family you love them! 
We had exchanges again this week and I was with Elder Vinoya one of the elders who is going to be moving in with us. We practiced teaching the whole day! We didn't even proselyte :/ I guess he didn't think I could teach.. or speak the language.. he's probably right but I am TRYING SO HARD!
Lastly thanks for all the support! I can really feel the strength of your prayers!
-Elder Warnick
P.S. I found a cockroach in my food this week! YAY! (it was still alive)

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