Monday, 8 June 2015


So this week.. I'm not gonna lie it has been a hard one for the mission. BUT a different kind of hard. I'll try and explain: So I remember when I first got out in the field and everyday was a struggle I was so emotionally wrecked and I was losing my desire to be on a mission. But over time like everyone said I started to love the mission and even more missionary work. There was always hard things but I got better and better at overcoming them. Everything from the beginning of them mission was all kind of focused on myself and all my problems were because I was worrying about myself. But now the week was hard because my new comp is struggling, he's super emotional and I am not really sure how to help him but I am trying and /I think that's all I can do!

Okay sorry about that well here we go with the week. So after me and E. Baldwin found out that he was going to transfer we got all the things we needed to get done and partied big time at the house! Not really we just ate some Ice Cream and listened to some hyms, It was relaxing for me though because I wasn't the one that had to pack this time! So it was nice. But Tuesday morning we went to the mission office and picked up our new comps and then came all the way back.. super tiring. So my new companion is Elder Castro he just barely hit 6 months in the field.

The work was really good this week I was trying super hard to help E. Castro get to know everyone so we were all over the place! He says he still doesn't know the area but it's okay little by little.

So the Pelarios family is awesome! It's the family that we baptized all the kids and we were just waiting on the parents so this week they totally were ready for their baptism and passed their interview! SOOOOO this means this Saturday the whole family will be members! AND they were way pumped when we shared to them about temples! This is my first family!

Even thought things haven been pretty hard lately I have learned so much and I have never felt closer to Heavenly Father. And everyday I learn more and hopefully am becoming the missionary I am supposed to be.

Thanks for everything! Love you all!
-Elder Warnick

I didn't take any pictures this week but here's one from right before E. Baldwin left!

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