Monday, 22 June 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Yay this week was fast! Which means I am back into a routine! It's always hard to readjust when you transfer or get a new companion or just have to deal with anything new!

It was a good week though! On Monday most of the Elders in my zone went to the beach in Old Sagay and we were going to take a boat out to an Island but none of us had money so we all kind of just walked around and took some pictures! Our mission is pretty strict if you don't already know, usually in other missions I think it's allowed to wear regular clothes on P-day when you are out doing stuff but here no matter what we still have to wear missionary attire.. haha oh well

So Fiestas ruin a missionary's work day.. And the Philippines love fiestas! If one town has a fiesta as soon as it is over the neighboring town will have one too. This week there was a huge Fiesta in one of our areas so nobody was home! It actually was so bad that we had 0 investigators at church this week! But it's okay the Pelarios parents got confirmed and Roldan (the dad) was wearing a nice new shirt and slacks! They were way excited and it just felt good to know that we had helped a family!

It's definitely rainy season again and I realized I didn't have an umbrella.. (I gave it away to a member a couple months ago) so we had to find umbrellas this week and it actually was really hard to find a decent umbrella in the middle of a country that is always raining!

Also speaking of the rain it made it super hard to walk this week! BECAUSE I realized that I had a hole at the bottom of my rubber shoes.. haha and of course everything was super muddy! We had some new investigators that live behind the Pelarios family but by behind I mean way far behind them across a river haha and the path down to the river is just steep enough and just muddy enough that we basically slipped down the whole way.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I didn't think they celebrated it here but yesterday at church everyone kept telling me happy father's day. haha so I still don't think they get it! But just wanted to thank my father for everything he has done for me and my family! He was probably the first person who helped instil in me a desire to serve a mission and he's a great example of how a father should be! LOVE YOU DAD!

Palanga ko kamo!
-Elder Warnick


River we had to cross

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