Thursday, 18 June 2015

Don't hate me cause this email so short..

This isn't going to be too long of an email because nothing really is too new!

The weather has been super hot and it rained a lot too! The whole deal resulting in a big fever.. for me.. yeah it was awesome! But it's all good I am over it now!

We had our baptism on Saturday for the Pelarios parents they were way excited and I got to baptize both of them so now their whole family are members! It was a pretty cool moment.

It poured this week so much rain. One night we got caught in the middle of it and got completely soaked! I think it was the most wet I have ever been!

We had a Zone Training and right now both my MTC companions are in my zone so we had kind of weird reunion and it's weird to see how people change!

But I am doing great and still learning a ton! Even though there are a lot of struggles with the new comp it's been helping me a ton with perfecting my language!

Thanks for everything!
-Elder Warnick

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