Monday, 1 June 2015

Psych! You got transferred!

This week was way long but I think it was just because so much happened! So let me tell you all how it went down.

Monday we had a family home evening and it wasn't just any FHE like half of our ward showed up! I'm not even kidding! There were so many people there and it was so good! Filipinos, crazy games and mangoes is all you need for a good time!

We also had exchanges this week I was with our District Leader and we got a lot of work done! It's always weird to work with someone that you aren't used to but I learned a lot and it was still fun.

So we broke our streak this week and didn't have a baptism.. but some good things still happened! We have really been focused on families and are currently teaching about 3 and the huge Pelarios family who have 6 kids came to church this week! And it wasn't even regular church, we had Stake Conference this week and Elder Bowen of the 70 was there so I got to talk to him for a little bit he's a super real guy just to the point.

Yesterday after Stake Conference we went home and ate but we were really expecting a transfer call because Elder Baldwin has been here forever but when it didn't come we went and worked, but everyone was sleeping because it was a hot sunday afternoon so we taught who we could, made some brownies (thanks mom) and went to bed BUT>>>this morning on our way to do all of our P-day stuff we got a call from the AP's and they said that Elder Baldwin is transferring tomorrow.. so that was a spin but anyway we are going to go to Bacolod tomorrow and I will pick up my new companion! CRAZY STUFF!

This mission is good I am learning and growing and losing weight! ;)

The language isn't even a burden anymore which I am super grateful for! And if I get a filipino companion tomorrow I am going to try to do a whole transfer 100% Ilanggo!

So the pics are from our crazy FHE playing games and then Me, Elder Baldwin and Sister Generalo and Sister Lozada they all got transferred except for me so that was me saying goodbye to them! :(


-Elder Warnick

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