Monday, 10 August 2015

Cause it is tradition

I don't even remember this whole week.

It just flew by. We had a meeting last week on P-day so we were in the big city! It was cool to catch up with a lot of elders that I hadn't seen in a while. It was a super long day though, filled with a lot of traveling and preparing for our training!

The next couple days of the week I don't really remember it was just work, eat, sleep, prepare for training. Over and over until Thursday! My one year mark! It was just like a birthday I didn't feel any different! haha But we actually had to do some interviews that day so I was with Elder Baldwin again in my area and it was good. Later that night I burned a shirt. Cause it's tradition.

Then there was the big day.. ZONE CONFERENCE. I was so nervous all week and I really didn't feel like I was going to be able to deliver the training because we never had a super smooth practice. Even though we had bought matching ties and everything! ;) BUT the day came and it went super good! We focused on Magnifying our callings as missionaries and we showed the video STRIVE from everyone I talked to said it was good! WHOO! We did the catering to which was super good! Missionaries LOVE food!

Saturday was killer! We skipped studies and worked the ENTIRE day mostly because we were low on teachings from going to Zone Conference and our mission president interviewed us and said that he expects a lot of us as Zone Leaders. So good things are coming!

We are doing a lot of preparing for mission tour, where we will have area presidency and 70s come by. So things are super busy here in the Bacolod mission!

Life is good though! One year down and one year to enjoy and learn and grow.

Love you all!

Hope all your "bucket showers" are refreshing!

-Elder Warnick

Filipino Graves

1 Year Mark - Pancakes

1 Year mark - Burning Shirt

Rambutan (Kind of like Grapes)

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