Monday, 24 August 2015

The Passover

I felt like I was soaked everyday this week! It felt like we were in a typhoon this week!

Okay not that bad but it was raining like crazy and the wind was super strong!

It was the busy week of the mission though, MISSION TOUR. When everyone in the mission meets up and we have a big conference with General Authorities! I got super lucky this year because Mission tour came around and we are the Zone Leaders! Which means we got to have a special meeting with Elder Bowen and of course they fed us SUPER good!

The hardest part about the Mission tour was we came down to Bacolod on Tuesday for our meeting and went back the same day. Then we worked Wednesday until night where we had to travel back to Bacolod and Thursday was our Mission tour and we came back home after it was over.. So a lot of traveling! But I got to sleep in the Silay apartment (my 3rd house) and it was different but super fun!

The Mission Tour was super good! Elder Bowen had so much advice on how to improve our areas and he also gave some advice for "after the mission" ;) haha The biggest thing was that he challenged all of us to do 30 oyms a day... that's 210 a week! It is a lot of work but we tried it out and I think we can get there!

We found so many new investigators this week! And hopefully we will have a baptism this Saturday! But it's not for sure! This area has been up and down! The hardest thing right now is getting the ward to work with us! They really miss old missionaries that were assigned here!

Speaking of Old missionaries we were out talking to our Tagiya (owner) the other night and she told us that Elder Anderson came back, I guess he was assigned here and was companions with my MTC teacher! SMALL WORLD! It was cool to talk to him though and he was still super good in Ilanggo!

It was a good week though! Progress gid! We gave out a lot of baptism dates and had a lot of people make it to church! AND the best part of all neither of us got transferred! WHEEEW! THE TRANSFER PASSOVER!

If I could ask something.. please don't remind me how long I have been out or how much time I have left! I just really want to make the most of it! And the mission is too fast to get caught up in counting it down!

Thanks for everything!
-Elder Warnick

Kids eating some rambutan

Crossing the river

Me and Bon

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