Monday, 17 August 2015

Walking on a Dream

Sometimes that's just how it feels! Walking on a dream! Also I did hear that song by Empire of the Sun this week at the 7-11, it's like a little chunk of America!

We went to Bacolod on Monday because we had our Mission Leadership Council all day on Tuesday. It was super fun! I had heard all about "MLC" but I didn't really know what to expect! But it was really fun, all the ZLs have a big meeting to discuss about the mission, but the meeting is known for it's food! They give us so much food! It was super cool to be there with so many other seasoned missionaries and to be able to see 2 elders from my MTC group; Elder Paskett and McCracken! I got to stay the night at Elder McCrackens house actually and it's always fun to catch up!

They trained us so that we could train our zone this week. We are working super hard so that our zone can improve and start baptizing more! We are hoping to be the top baptizing by the end of this transfer! President expects a lot! he wants us as ZLs to do 120 oyms a week that's like "street contacting" that's a lot of people! But we just want to do what the boss says!

So a big part of our week was taken from us because of trainings and traveling, but when we got back into it we went crazy we were working all day from morining til night and I think it is really paying off! But I think we are going crazy! We actually gave ourselves haircuts this week! I don't know why we did it but now it's not super long and hot!

We did some exchanges again this week because we always have people to interview! But it was super fun, I was with Elder Pedroso again and it was fun to catch up on old times and our candidate passed! He is super ready!

The baptism went great and we had a meeting with bishop afterwards, turns out bishop that that our candidate wasn't married to his wife and then we realized how dumb we were and we really never asked him about that but he passed the interview when he was asked if he was living in with someone. BUT just to make sure because he had already been baptized we talked to him! We got it all worked out but it was a close one.. that would have been interesting to explain to President.

Hope all of you are enjoying your last few days of freedom before school starts again!

Elder Warnick

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